Diapers or Depends? You do the math and tell me…



“Gordie, always be honest and pure of heart and mind, never tell a fib, always listen to your mom and dad, respect your elders, do your best in school, go to church, obey the law and register your firearms like I do. Never ever vote Conservative, and, if you live your life this way, you will always have a clear conscience and you will go to Heaven! Now here’s a cookie and a quarter.” He was a great Grandpa!

Gordon Steele

(What, for bribing you with cookies and fear?)


A rebuttal that has come to my attention:

I don’t relish the thought of casting aspersions against someone I have never met, however, I believe that letter writer Gordon Steele has either spent too much time in the sun, or may be trying a little too hard to be an internet troll.

Registration of long guns has been law for about a decade. It is my understanding that Mr. Steele is well past 18 years of age, and therefore was not a child when registration was implemented. The notion of a grown man sitting on his grandfather’s knee to be told to register firearms in exchange for cookies and quarters suggests, at the very least, that Mr. Steele obtain some sort of counselling. If he does not seek it for his hoplophobia, then perhaps he should to put an end to such story telling charades. ”


With a clue by four…


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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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