CBC story, with interesting timing and questionable source of information



While I don’t have a dog in the fight with regards to the T97 rifle issue (I don’t own one); I do have the ability to read what CBC has put up on it’s website. I’ll refrain from making any comments about some things that have arisen since the Bill C-391 issue has become a hot potatoe to some.

On the CBC page (linked at top) there is a source attribution that I was curious about. I e-mailed Canada Ammo and enquired about their participation in the article. I am familiar that Canada Ammo has an interest in the proceeedings, decision and outcome of the matter.

As an aside? You are probably aware that CBC is conducting an “are we biased” poll and the results seem to be very “YES YOU ARE!”. 



After seeing the CanadaAmmo.com link in the story, I e-mailed CanadaAmmo and asked some questions.

“Did CBC
>ever contact you to do a story?


“Did you give them permission to use your website in
>it’s article?


“I am checking with the web guys to see if that info is even on our
website. i can’t find it.”

Update: “I just checked with the web guys and the info is not from our site.”

It seems that CBC has some subtle bias in it’s articles. “Well Hell’s bells! Tell us something we don’t already know from Heather Malice’s “I hate Harper” ravings”.

Some of the slant is well concealed if you aren’t aware of the finer parts of the issues. Canada Ammo wasn’t interviewed. Not surprising there’s slant given that CBC will feed a Liberal MP specific questions to be asked in the House as a set up for a story that’s just waiting to get printed.

CBC seems to be into “drive-by journalism” and they have the nerve to ask “Are we biased?” I’ll wait until later to firm up my opinion on this. Co-incidentally CBC is also going to carry on with this article on the World at Six.

Like I said. “…interesting timing…”

Update: The World at Six piece was pretty much nothing. My opinion hasn’t changed either.


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