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Arms and a woman

I am a woman and registered long-gun owner living in Saskatchewan and am troubled by Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner’s assertion that abolishing the long-gun registry is not a women’s issue (Gun Registry A Scrap MP Won’t Quit Till She Wins – May 15). Out here, long guns are the weapons of choice in domestic violence and suicides. No one asks how many women and children cower in their own homes under the threat of guns, and many more face them in their homes as a prominent part of the cycle of intimidation and violence. I feel very strongly some people should never have guns, and that owning them is a privilege, not a right. It is clear to me that we should improve the registry, not scrap it.

Mavis Moore, Saskatoon “


Ms Moore writes a rather compelling letter. Heartwrenching. No one should remain unmoved after reading that.

I was moved. Very moved.

Mavis Moore





 I’d say she’s pretty accomplished in her activities. Wouldn’t you? (page 4)…candidates.pdf (page 5) (updated: link no longer works. Shining light in dark corners tends to scatter cockroaches too)

Note: The above link connects to a newer document that does not contain the same information as the original I had made the snips above from.

original tool kit .pdf


 current version of the toolkit .pdf (downloaded 18/7/2010)


Some women prefer to take direct responsibility for their safety and well-being

Other women too




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