Defense Training Institute – John Farnam

Yesterday was an interesting experience for me. I got to meet and hear Mr. Farnam speak for about 2 hours. His class is actually 2 days here. Bring an open mind, willingness to learn, willingness to discuss and “will to prevail”.

He was conducting a training session here in Michigan at my gun club. During the week a few of us had prepped the ranges and grounds for his course class and Saturday my wife had me go down to the club to get some pictures for the club website.

I noted an interesting representation of society among the students.

Many people are familiar with Mr. Farnam. More people should be. I found the time I was present to be very enlightening and educational.

Of course, his courses cost money and I have no problem with that as he’s imparting knowledge to the course attendees. I do regret that I couldn’t attend properly as my timetable has been rather up in the air for the last few months with not knowing where I was going to be and when.

Next course that’s conducted here? The wife and I are planning on attending. If you have a CCW, CPL permit or even are of the sort that has a firearm incorporated in your self/family protection plans? I would encourage attending and learning from him and his support staff.

He is a frank and forthright man with much experience in his field.  Some of the content took me aback slightly until he presented some statistics to re-inforce that portion of his class. He was also very gracious to grant me permission to take some pictures and take in some of his lessons while doing so.

If you are of the “self-defense mindset”? It’s worth the time and money.


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