Insurance companies don’t fix write offs. It’s not profitable or safe.

The other day I was driving past the local garage.

In the parking lot was a wrecked Porsche.

I thought to myself; “There’s too much damage to fix that one. She’s a write off.”

I was Binging something this morning and my mind wandered back to that written off Porsche. So I binged “exotic car wrecks”.

There’s plenty of pictures of some ends to some very nice and expensive vehicles.

A Ferrari 458 price tag exceeds $200 000.00.

The Firearms Registry in Canada has an estimated cost exceeding 2000 million dollars (2 Billion). That price is going up for everyday it exists.

It has not worked right since, well, the day someone put the initial plan to paper and the Liberal Party in Canada put it into being under the Firearms Act (aka C68).

No one can prove it has saved a life. It has placed many people in jeopardy though through being hacked 300+ times, personal information being given to private companies and Peace Officers that are told to “trust it”.


The Registry over the last few years has been shown to be something of an “exotic”. Only governments can afford it. That money is the taxpayers though. We “insure” it. I would imagine that even Lloyd’s of London wouldn’t write a policy on it.

The Registry is a wreck. A writeoff.


Folks like the Coalition for Gun Control, Bev Ackerman, Gordon Steele, the Canada Labour Congress, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Liberal MP Mark Holland, Bloc MP Maria Mourani, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, The Candian Police Association, et al feel that it can be fixed and made driveable.

They would probably opt for aftermarket and used parts to cobble it together. Anyone having repaired a wreck knows that only leads to more problems, more repairs, liability and inevitably being relegated to being a useless Garage Queen.

In most cases it’s the wrecking yard and the shredder for recycling. Pretty “Green” when you recycle scrap. No?

Insurance companies don’t fix write offs for a good reason. Why should the Canadian public put itself in the same position with the Registry?

CPC MP Candice Hoeppner’s Private Member’s Bill C391 being enacted would be like a responsible insurance company scrapping a wreck. A wise handling of the public purse and keeping a write off from putting more people in harm’s way.







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    Good post and comparison

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