Incremental civil disarmament in Canada – Liberal Document 1978…?


Thanks DiArmani

On page 5 is an interesting sentence in caps…


“..the burden of proof lies with the person from whom the weapons were seized…before the weapons may be returned…the Public will not persue due to inconvienience and lack of funding.”


 Registration = Confiscation


I’m informed that it’s a letter between officials. It shows that some people/parties are bent on control and creating the “ninnystate utopia”.

June 1978 would put the Justice Minister as Ron Basford (September 26, 1975 – August 2, 1978) and the Solicitor general as Jean-Jacques Blais (February 2, 1978 – June 3, 1979)

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the .pdf was previously printed in the NFA Journal in the late ’70’s:

 “There was a broadsheet distributed in Spring 1979 with the heading “Shooters &Hunters News”, issue no.1, volume no.1, with this document featured along with other commentary on C-51.The header on page 2, above the full print of the document states “The document THE POLICE FUNCTION reproduced hereunder is copied from the N.F.A. JOURNAL, December 1978, Vol. 1, No. 28. Because of the controversy stirred up by this document SHOOTERS & HUNTERS NEWS reprints is solely for the purpose of enabling readers to examine the document for themselves.”

UPDATE: A chap was kind enough to FYI on the above update:

FYI, within the aforementioned broadsheet there was discussion of the controversy (at that time) of the provenance. The Honourable Dean Whiteway, MP for Selkirk who used the document to confront the govt in the House, was of the opinion that the following statement had little factual basis–“…that in the interest of the Function, it is desirable to effectively but discreetly disarm the Canadian Public within the forthcoming five years.” and went on to state to Burt Chapman, then President of the Ontario Arms Collectors, that it ought not to be propogated by the N.F.A. or any other responsible firearm owner. He went on to state that “Apart from this statement, the document is well founded, and causes me some concern.”

Wouldn’t the N.F.A. have a copy of this in their archives?”

Perhaps an NFA longstanding member might be able to shed some light on this? If a CSSA or OFAH member can assist in this as well? It would be appreciated.

UPDATE: The current President of the NFA indicates that the NFA has not been able to verify the document’s authenticity to this date and cautions that it should be viewed with some caution and skepticism.

It is interestingly eerie to note that since the “document” surfaced, the Liberal Party (and some Red Tories) have been upon a path of gun control and civil disarmament anyway. The current left-wing political parties are the worst offenders of this.

That begs a question of the premonitions of this “document” and events  such as right infringements, the defamation and hateful propaganda employed against a gender to garner support for the government, confiscations of personal property that was declared “prohibited” at the stroke of a bureaucratic pen, the criminalization of part of Canadian citizen’s culture and the peaceful citizen’s themselves and the anti-freedom and anti-liberty attitude of those elected officials, appointed bureaucrats and civil servants. 

Real or fake. That document, for it’s time, was a brief glimpse into Canada’s future under socialists.


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2 Responses to Incremental civil disarmament in Canada – Liberal Document 1978…?

  1. cgnnightmare says:

    turfman. The NFA can’t ascertain it’s authenticty.

    See the last 4 paragraphs.

  2. turfmanjones says:

    I didn’t think I could be blown away but Holy crap. And to think:

    “Let us not hear that the registration system will cost $100 per firearm. Let us not hear that it is a prelude to confiscation by the government of hunting rifles and shotguns. Let us not contend that it will cost $1.5 billion to put in place. That is the way to distort the discussion. That is the way to frighten people.” – Former Liberal Justice Minister Alan Rock, Hansard, February 16, 1995.”

    Now I’m downright scared silly. Bastards, everyone of them.:(

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