I call “Bullfeathers” on this…



With the looming vote of Bill C391 and a lot of media bias lately that is sympathetic to the “keep the registry cabal”?

I call the release of the story as highly suspect in it’s timings to sway public opinion. Plain and simple.

The Gazette has zero consideration for those affected by the Dawson tragedy and instead of doing the responsible thing in ignoring this story and making it a non-issue? They have simply shown their colours and where their sympathy lies in the debate.

Not very impartial or responsible journalism.

Not even fit for housetraining a puppy or to wrap fish in.





About CGN Nightmare

I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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One Response to I call “Bullfeathers” on this…

  1. colinpark says:

    I notice they don’t mention when the game went up, that would be an important clue, the timing is very suspect.

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