Liberal Party of Canada. An “OH SH*T!” moment…

“…Gary Mauser, a retired marketing professor, is a long-time and active Conservative party member and past Director of the New Westminster–Coquitlam Conservative Riding Association. In 2006, Professor Mauser was chair of the party’s nomination committee in the riding. He has personally donated in excess of $11,000 to the Conservative Party and its predecessor parties.

An opponent of the registry since its inception, Professor Mauser has written extensively in support of arming for self protection and his early research was partly funded by the National Rifle Association.

In 2006, Professor Mauser was also appointed by then-Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day as a member of the Minister’s Firearms Advisory Committee.

The NRA’s “NRA News” website currently features four different interviews with Professor Mauser: …”

Liberal Party page


I guess someone is so panicked about Bill C391 they don’t bother to check with themselves.

Frothing at the mouth, they forgot to check with someone like, say Mark Holland, who was there at the SECU comittee hearings when Dr. Mauser admitted to the comittee…


He has donated to the CPC, LIBERAL PARTY and the NDP.



Yep. Looks like an “Oh sh*t!” moment in the Liberal War Room.


These are the folks that want to run ruin the country and your lives???




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