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Canada’s National Firearms Association Media Release


For Immediate Release 31August 2010

Chief Chu fails to present a single compelling reason for the continuance of a firearms registry which does little more that force citizens to engage in a bureaucratic exercise that has nothing whatsoever to do with the safety of the public or of law enforcement officers.
Any officer who relies upon the error-filled registry to guide their approach to a particular situation is taking their life in their hands. Does it make any sense to presume that no firearm is present just because a computer data base in Miramichi has no record of it? Should a “no firearms” response change the officer’s reaction? Of course not – any officer should always proceed with consistent caution. What is particularly offensive is the idea that just because a person is indicated as owning a firearm that they could receive treatment different from anyone else.

Owning and using firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns for defence, competitive shooting, target practice and hunting are legitimate activities. It should be a concern to anyone in a free society that the police would want more control on the activities and property of citizens. This despite overwhelming evidence that people who own firearms are statistically less inclined to violence than the general population. Registration’s only purpose is to confiscate firearms from people who the state determines should no longer have them. In every country in which registration programs were initiated, including Canada, confiscation of firearms has followed – that’s not paranoia, it’s history.

For more information contact:
Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications, 604-753-8682

Sheldon Clare, President, 250-981-1841




Canada’s NFA toll-free number – 1-877-818-0393




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