Defeat of Bill an Opportunity for Firearms Owners

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Defeat of Bill an Opportunity for Firearms Owners

The vote on September 22 that quashed Bill C-391 and thus kept the firearms registry in place for the time being represents a great opportunity for the firearms owning public, according to Sheldon Clare, President of Canada’s National Firearms Association.

“Canadian firearms owners now have a clear goal for the next federal election – to put in place a majority Conservative government that will repeal the 1995 Liberal Firearms Act in its entirety, and remove the offensive provisions of the previous legislation,” stated Sheldon Clare,  “For the firearms community C-391 represented a compromise, but it is apparent that with the Bloc Québécois, the Liberals and the NDP voting to support their vested interests over the interests of their constituents, that the need for Canadians to elect a majority Conservative government is more apparent than ever.” 

“Canadian firearms owners have been treated like criminals for paperwork offenses for far too long,” he continued, “ It is time to repeal this unnecessary and offensive law that protects no one, and creates a terrible opportunity for those who would abuse power.  Registration has but one purpose, and that is to create a list of firearms for the purpose of later confiscation.  In every country in the world in which a registration system was put in place, the lists were used to take away firearms from people.  In Canada, this has happened through the registration, restriction and prohibition of firearms, and then confiscating them from the lawful owners who dutifully purchased their property and registered it in good faith, only to find that the police had arbitrarily decided to take it away. Registration has never been about public safety.”

“Canada is at a crossroads with a choice between supporting basic freedoms, or severely curtailing those freedoms in the name of flawed emotional arguments and failed public policy.  The political parties have shown where they stand on the issue, and now Canada’s firearms owners have good reason to become more active and do the same,” he concluded.



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