Private Members Bill C-580

Third Session, Fortieth Parliament,
59 Elizabeth II, 2010
BILL C-580
An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Firearms Act and the Contraventions Act (long guns)
This enactment amends the Criminal Code to remove the first time offence of possession of a firearm other than a prohibited firearm or a restricted firearm without having registered that firearm under the Criminal Code. It clarifies that firearm possession proceedings under that Act do not abrogate or derogate from any existing rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada.
It also amends the Firearms Act to eliminate the fee for registration of a firearm that is neither a prohibited firearm nor a restricted firearm. It imposes more control on the release of records that are kept under that Act and that could be used to identify an individual, and ensures that the Chief Firearms Officer, in determining whether a person is eligible to hold a firearms licence, may review records relating to that person’s discharge from or unsuccessful application for membership in a law enforcement agency or the military.
Finally, it amends the Contraventions Act to designate a first time offence under section 112 of the Firearms Act as a contraventions offence for the purposes of the Contraventions Act.


The Bill is not a compromise and seeks to impose further restrictions and government invasivness on people. The Liberal and NDP mantra of inclusiveness is ignored by seeking to elevate some people in Canada to a higher status than others. That sounds further divisive to me. Same old Marxist divide and conquer tactics.
That the Liberals and NDP would think that firearms owners are interested in compromising now is absurd. The Liberals and NDP have shown little regard and outright hostility for some citizens in this country at the quest of cheap political points.
The 153-151 vote on C-391 showed that Canadians are more educated on firearms issues than when the Liberals rammed C-68 down firearms owners throats without any compromise. The Liberals and NDP are openly scrambling in spin and damage control while resorting to their old, tired, candy bag.
Trick or treat? Just political tricks.


UPDATE: Some comments that caught my eye on this matter.

A compromise is supposed to involve give and take from both sides. It is crystal clear that our side was not consulted when this Bill was put together.
That being the case how does Angus or Layton think that they will “bridge the divide”???

Their compromise is to keep the confiscation list and then add thousands of firearms to the Restricted and Prohibited List.

What this Bill will ultimately do is shrink the number of gun owners in Canada. Less gun owners means less voters on the Pro-gun side of the wedge issue. If they can make the numbers dwindle enough, eventually gun owners will not matter at all as a voter group.”

h/t JNG

For all intents and purposes, you can look at C-580 as backhanded deceit into eliminating a group of people. Interestingly enough? With the Liberals and NDP having no regard for firearms owners, they don’t care what or how they do things to them to make them irrelevant. The public has come to realize that the hateful and bigotted attacks are falling upon deaf ears in Canada.


C-391 would have been a small first step towards a compromise. This isn’t intended to build bridges with the Canadian firearms community, it’s intended to build bridges with Wendy and clueless antigun urban voters.

The fact that the NDP have the gall to present this as a reconciliation measure is a calculated insult to Canadian gun owners…”

“Also, compromise is only possible or desirable when both parties are acting in good faith and have justifiably competing interests and reasonable positions. The antis are in bad faith, are flat-out wrong, and the agenda is the soul of unreasonableness.”

h/t rdelliot



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2 Responses to Private Members Bill C-580

  1. cgnnightmare says:

    It’s cheap garbage for spin and damage control purposes to pander to the gungrabbers and other ilk that have him yapping like a muppet.

  2. v65magnafan says:

    Oh. Wow. I’m thrilled. Meh.

    Maybe he should have included a statement that recognizes the right to keep and bear arms as a fundamental right as derived from natural law and the English Bill of Rights. Also, he should have included an amendment that makes it an indictable criminal offence for any confiscation of any firearms without due process–except when used in the commission of a crime–or when there is an immediate and unequivocal threat to public safety. That might be a move in the right direction.

    I am not a lawyer, so I understand that the wording of the above paragraph can be improved. It’s a start. Because, then, we can revoke the entire Firearms Act.

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