It’s deer season, firearm. This year’s very different.

This year, I’m doing something different.

Something I’ve not been able to do before in Canada.

Hunt with a handgun.,1607,7-153-10366_37141_37706-31578–,00.html

Well, I’ve wasted enough daylight writing this. Time for a challenge.


When you’re hunting? Remember the rules:

MUZZLE – safe direction

ACTION – open and unloaded until ready to shoot

TARGET – Know your target and what is beyond

TRIGGER – Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

MATT‘s your buddy when you’re out participating in hunting as a cultural heritage activity.


 Day One – Nothing. Did see a nice buck on the way home from town. It was after dark though…

Day Two – Truck in shop. AAAARGH!!! Clutch slave. Grrrrrrrr.

Day Three – Nice 50F day walk in the woods. It’s easier going through the bush when I can use two hands to push branches and not worry about snagging my rifle. Saw three does on my way back from town. After dark again. This is starting to remind of the 4 years I spent in Western Canada trying to bag the buck that used to feed in my yard and magically disappeared come hunting season.

Day Four – Personal Admin day. Did pass some houses that showed signs of some other guys in the area being successful in their hunt.



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