CBC. Picks up a story. I am applauding CBC for it.


A photo that shows P.E.I.’s chief firearms officer holding an automatic weapon on a pickup truck filled with guns has become a weapon for anti-gun registry activists.

The leaked picture shows chief firearms officer Vivian Hayward and two other provincial employees perched on the back of the pickup truck with the message “Wanted … guns or else!”

The picture was never intended for public viewing. It was taken two years ago as a gag for an anniversary publication of the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program. Every provincial office was asked to come up with a “creative” photo.

“It is true, the photo was taken, it was just deemed inappropriate for the purpose that they believed was intended, so they rejected that one,” Steve Dowling, a lawyer for the P.E.I. Department of Justice, which oversees the Chief Firearms Office, told CBC News Wednesday.

An RCMP spokesperson said it was inappropriate because “its message was not consistent with the mission, vision and values of the program.”

Another photo was used for the anniversary publication, but this September the pickup truck photo was leaked and made its way to the internet. It’s being used to promote anti-gun registry agendas on conservative blogs, a YouTube video, and other websites.

Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Sports Shooting Association said when it was leaked to him he understood it was a gag, but he didn’t find it very funny.

“What we’re really appalled with is the attitude that we’re coming to get your property,” said Bernardo.

“We’re not going to compensate you for it, we’re just going to steal it.”

Dowling said there are no safety or legal issues with the photo. Hayward did not want to comment on the story.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/prince-edward-island/story/2010/11/18/pei-gun-photo-hayward-584.html#ixzz15fjlGyaa

I’m just going to put this up here for the moment.

Oh yes indeedy I will be once I take a trip down memory lane.
I would like to welcome folks visiting from CBC and other sites.
What does this have to do with it? Nothing and everything. 

Can someone tell me why taxpayer money is being spent on a “symposium” that comes up with a paper that does next to nothing for men who are victims of spousal abuse and violence? Page 34 shows participation.


Pawns by “design” or willingly complicit for 30 pieces of silver and a pension?


Things that make you go “Hmmmm…” if you read and think about it.



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UPDATE: Resolved. Sorry for any inconvienience. 


We also have some other selections that might help form a picture that the CFO could quite possibly be a symptom of a disease that’s afflicted Canada since, oh, maybe the 60’s or even back farther, and having remained untreated Canada is teetering on the brink of going terminally ill.












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