On this day in Canadian history…

The misogynist son of an immigrant wife-beater created a national “holyday” for victim’s industry advocates and feminists.

I won’t name him here (others may choose to do so). He does not deserve his name to be repeated here and continue his notoriety and the continuation of failing feel-good and do-nothing legislation against innocent others. Hateful rhetoric and actions against those who do right that is designed to advance a cause and divide a nation against it’s own people. Partisan politicians who advance a cause (or groups) that seeks to swill from the government trough and impose more statism (larger, intrusive, bloated and abusive government).

The swilling comes from your tax dollars that could have been spent to re-open closed beds in psychiatric care wards and hospitals.

Tax money that should go to diagnosing, educating about and treating mental illness. Those souls needing help are, instead, unceremoniously dumped onto the streets where they become the problem for Canada’s Social Workers with badges…Excuse me, I mean Canada’s Peace Officers and Canada’s Justice Legal System Industry…to deal with. Jail isn’t unique to Canada.

Three persons known to me, who are medical professionals, have each indicated that even though they desperately want to treat a mentally ill patient that they encounter? The system ties their hands from doing so unless it’s an immediately dangerous situation to the patient or others!

The aggravating part of this “holyday” is not in finding meaningful and effective measures that respect individuals but the standing and shilling from the dug up coffins of people who were the victims of social engineering and the orchestrated pussification, psychological abuse and destruction of the Canadian male.   

Case in point? I recently observed a notice on a wall of a bathroom at a healthcare facility regarding domestic abuse. The bathroom is shared by men and women who attend there. The notice focused solely on women and paid no regard or gave no advice for men who may be victims of domestic abuse.

Does anyone not see the problem with that? If one is part of a society that spouts “equality”; Where is the care and compassion for any injured and suffering person?

I apologize for digressing.

The lives lost is indeed tragic. Many have been lost beforehand, since and still will be because the politics of failure has an agenda. The politics of failure only listened to those who see other people’s money as their trough to swill from.

Leave the deceased to rest. Remember them and see that what sprung from their loss only affords the continuation of the cycle and more associated misery.

Know those who are party to the failures and hold them accountable for the spilled blood of the innocents.




Halls of Macademia / DTOM /DTOM


Until those who dance upon the graves of one gender wake up and see the problem in it’s entirety?

The cycle will not be broken.

The only problem is that the dancers-on of the graves are the problem.


Some women refuse to be victims. That is what is needed. Empowerment and enabling.





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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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