Gun Control Lobby fueled by tragedy

Gun control lobby fueled by tragedy

With several days now having passed since the horrible tragedy in Arizona, in which a mentally ill young man shot a U.S. Congresswoman and killed a federal judge, a young girl and several others (who, interestingly enough, the media is not interested in in the slightest), as well as wounding many more — we can now hear the gun control industry on the march.

Even up here in Canada, with a bill to quash the long-gun registry having recently failed, we see the Liberal backed anti-gun lobby frothing at the mouth as they condemn what they see as the ‘gun culture’ of the USA.
‘Gun culture’ is their buzzword for the Second Amendment down south; like ‘car culture’, or ‘youth culture’, except no one demonizes cars, or young people — even when they are responsible for taking human lives.

What strikes me as being interesting is how quickly the gun control industry can whip up fervour after one of these tragedies occurs.
Just days after the murders in Arizona, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N. Y.), is already seeking to table legislation that will put restrictions on law abiding citizens’ freedom to obtain firearms. Really?

Do these people just wait for some horrible tragedy to politicize it and use it as an example of the veracity of their political opinion? This smacks of ambulance chasing.

It is positively ghoulish that, while the families of the victims are making funeral arrangements, political pundits and anti-gun zealots are chomping at the bit to dance in the blood of innocent victims and push their agenda.
It has already been established that the young man who perpetrated this heinous act was mentally ill (I watched his YouTube videos before they were taken down and he definitely had issues, in my unqualified opinion).
His friends described him as being politically liberal and progressive. He had no love for religion, was a drug user and a burgeoning political dissident — yet even days after these facts have made the public stream of information, there are still articles insinuating that this was motivated by the Tea Party movement.

Jan. 10’s headlines in The Province indicate that the congresswoman was on Sarah Palin’s ‘Hit List’, as if Mrs. Palin is putting out contracts on U.S. politicians like a ‘mafia Don.’

Even our beloved CBC seems to be showing its ever more obvious liberal bias; bringing on gun control advocates to rail against the U.S. and its ‘gun culture’.

Admonishing the nation to get control before another tragedy strikes, the broadcaster uses its position to look down its nose at our neighbour to the south. Yet, the CBC is either blind or wilfully ignorant to its own hypocrisy, as it uses its billion-dollar budget to push for change south of the border.

It seems to have forgotten the stories it ran when Bill C-391 was looking like it would be the end of the long-gun registry. The CBC ran unfounded and inaccurate stories about how the big bad National Rifle Association (NRA) in the U.S. was using its influence to push for the dismantling of the long-gun registry. The broadcaster railed against a U.S. lobby group exerting its influence here in Canada, yet fails to see the irony in allowing gun control advocates using our tax dollars to shame the Americans into changing their constitution. Like so many Canadians of the left love to do, they wag their finger at the U.S. and puff up their chests in an air of assumed superiority.

It is such a sad fact that we are in highly charged political times, so much so that when a mentally ill young man does the unthinkable and changes a score of lives forever — our two nations stoop immediately to the lowest common denominator to push our agendas.

The left uses fear to push its gun control bills before the dead have been laid to rest and the media throws more and more fuel on the fire of already blazing divisions.

The spin is so fast, that the average person is unable to get the facts and is left to either pick a side, or ignore the event altogether.

Thus, the tragedy is forgotten and no one learns anything from it. The mentally ill still don’t get helped and this will happen again. No doubt, the gun control lobby will be waiting with baited breath and new laws on the books for the next tragedy.

It seems all too keen to chase this ambulance and the media seems all too willing to oblige.

David J. Roussel Grande Prairie, Alta.


Oh my. That’s an “out back of the woodshed” moment.

Excellent stuff.

Can we get Hallmark to put that on a card?



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