Attention kids. Identifying “adult bullies” for you to know when you are on your own.–gun-leading-to-dad-s-arrest-was-a-toy

“…Neaveh’s teacher at Forest Hill Public School was concerned by the drawing and called Family and Children’s Services, who assessed the case and called police. After being interviewed by police at the school, Sansone was handcuffed and taken to the police station in a cruiser.

There, Sansone said, he was forced to remove his clothes for a full strip search.

Sansone’s wife, Stephanie Squires, was also taken to the police station.

Three of the children were taken to Family and Children’s Services to be interviewed.

Based on interviews with the children and school staff, regional police believed there was a real gun in the family home and the children were in danger. …”

“…Thaler said investigators never saw the drawing that sparked the investigation. Sansone has not seen it. Bereznick won’t acknowledge a drawing exists. Alison Scott, the executive director of Family and Children’s Services, says the agency may or may not have a copy of the child’s drawing. …”

“…Sansone says he is looking at moving his school-age children to nearby Trillium Public School.

On Friday Squires used the toy gun, which investigators left behind, to hammer some nails. She figures she’ll throw it away.

“It caused all this nonsense,” Squires said. “I don’t even want it in the house anymore.”

But getting rid of the gun doesn’t mean the case is closed.

“We’re still investigating this one,” Scott said. …”



Who could be next in line for harrassment by nanny-statist soft-tyrants?

Look in the mirror friend.

Home-schooling and Charter schools are looking better and better.



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