Civilian use of small arms drives military design improvements

I LOVE this portion by NRA editor, Mark A. Keefe IV:

“…Actually, the semiautomatic technology used in the AR-15 was invented in the late 19th Century. “What’s really interesting is that from about 1900 to 1940 semiautomatic rifles were more often used by civilians than the U.S. military. It was the civilian market that drove and tweaked semiautomatic rifle designs that made it possible for the M1 Garand.”

It was those guns that led to the development of the AR-15. When, in 1963, the U.S. military finally ordered 85,000 of these rifles (which would soon be dubbed the M16) Colt had already begun selling semiautomatic AR-15s to U.S. consumers.

All that’s just the beginning of the truth about the past, present and future of America’s guns that Judge Blake got wrong. …”

All the rest is in the just-released book The Future of the Gun.



I await the dull, distant booms of antigunners heads exploding…





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