About that “Electronic Voting”…

This is a touch screen I use at work. It makes a legal record and is a communication device. I’m pretty sure it logs things that happen behind the scenes, like maintenance.



It requires calibration when installed and from time to time it has gone out of calibration and had to be reset.

Twice in 1.5 years of near daily use. Pretty darn good.

I can get the Communication Device people to remotely reset it OR I (or a shop tech if I’m at a shop) can access the tech system in it and recalibrate it. There is a back up keyboard that I can tab through basic selections in an emergency so that I don’t waste my Federally capped 70 hour work week. (yep. You bitch about 40.. and want your stuff at the store and be home with your family).

So. In THEORY I could go into hundreds of trucks and recalibrate touch screens to select an option not desired by the user.

That is pointless as all it does is mess with another driver’s day, and delay him from making his living. And bringing you your stuff.

It also has nothing to do with who leads a country, changes it’s course, controls the money and citizens or preserves the integrity of the individual vote…



India Voter ID mandela-voter-id




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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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