Paging Terry Glavin….

You’re all familiar with the “Boy on the Beach” Story?

Well, you can thank Terry for bringing that under the microscope. ( )

beachbaby1 beachbaby3

Frankly Terry? In my opinion, you may have done more grave harm to bona fide refugees by calling the sincere ones into question, the ones trying to flee to the nearest safe haven  instead of country skipping.

“…55 mins · The fate of the drowned refugee boy’s family and his cousins’ family were sealed in Christopher Alexander’s files, which I’ve been holding in reserve. You racists and haters, you had your chance. You would close our gates to the trudging legions of refugees who can’t fight you. I can. Bring it on. Here is another shovel to help you with the graves you’re digging for yourselves. Dig. Keep digging. …” Hmmmmmm?

You pissed away your credibility at the beginning on a cheap political attack, that you seem, in my opinion, to have gotten played on.  And now you want to go into a ranting revenge attack of some sort for whatever, seemingly, selfish, reason?

Do the real refugees in this world a favour, Terry, and…


Edited to add:

ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Stuttgart “Refugee” Center; “Boxes” of Fake Syrian Passports Intercepted


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One Response to Paging Terry Glavin….

  1. colinpark says:

    the whole refugee issue is going to be so muddled in the next few weeks, that you see all the politicians start to step away from it till the end of the election.

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