When does a cop stop being a cop?

Theoretically on the completion of their last day of duty.

Yet the “thing” inside that made them cops remains.

Nothing changed. They are not subjected to some “magic gee-whiz gizmo” that sucks every last bit of “cop” from them before they walk out onto “civvy” street as a “civvy”.

So that’s it. Yer done. Thanks for showing up. Your contribution is done.

Is it?

During the day we can walk past a plainclothes cop and not even know it. Unmarked cruisers are around as well as other unmarked vehicles.

But we as private citizens know they are there. Somewhere. It doesn’t enter or occupy the bulk of our thoughts during the day.

Criminals tend to be aware of or cognizant of that though. It is in a criminals “best self-interest” to be aware. It is in many garden-variety thugs mind when they are looking to commit their next crime.

The possibility of a cop being around is factored into their activities. Sometimes it even can make them decide to NOT commit the crime.

A deterrent.

So why not allow a cop to have an Authorization to Carry once retired? They were trusted on the job. Nothing about them has changed as a person.

An armed individual of “good character”. Trained in the Use of Force. Knowledgeable in the laws surrounding the use of force. Refresher training to re-inforce that knowledge.

Sounds like good candidates to a “passive crime control” program to me.

Just going about their day.

Passive deterrent.





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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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