Let’s go outside the box…Net benefit to Canadian Society. Pt 1

Civilian firearms ownership has an unrecognized benefit to Canadian society.

All military personnel receive firearms training to some degree.

Look at it as “Soldier First. Tradesman Second”. Any serviceman can be sent to the “front” and form a “provisional/ad hoc/stop gap” measure. Ex. During the Battle of the Bulge; cooks, clerks, storesmen and others formed the line in order to try and halt the German Army’s advance or at least slow them down enough to form a solid defense and allow General Patton to manouevre his Army to attack the German’s flank and defeat the attack.

No, they were not ideal troops. They were troops nonetheless and deployed to prevent a defeat and prolonging of the Second World War. Ultimately that saved lives.

Let’s step waaaaaaaay back into history. At least Western Civilization. We’ll skip over historical examples like King Leonidas and the Spartans.

In days of old when knights were bold…the citizenry was called upon to form the Army. It continued through history since as it did even before the concept of knights existed. Right back to the times that man formed primitive tribes and simply wielded sticks and stones.

Countries that allow civilians to own firearms receive a cost-free benefit. Well, definately a cost reduction when it comes to National Defense.

Volunteers for service that have previous firearms experience won’t require as in-depth training as a recruit that has never been exposed to handling a firearm.

Volunteers for service have previously developed marksmanship skills and safe-handling skills.

We know of nations that it’s citizens formed a resistance or partisan role that harrassed and aided in the defeat of their occupiers.

Switzerland has an active civilian shooting program. Besides the terrain being inhospitable to an attacker; the citizenry would make any attacker pay handily by re-inforcing the standing army.

The United States? Well that’s pretty much a given. The US was born of citizens that formed a line and pushed. They understood the possession of firearms is necessary. They entrenched it in their laws. We’ll ignore for a moment the cowardice and ignorance coupled with nefarious foreign interests have brought repeated attacks on that Right.

What does that mean to Canadians by having responsible citizens own and use firearms in Canada?

You realize less government expenditure and the government has access to citizens who can fill jobs that require competancy, confidence and skill with firearms.

You have citizens that in a dire emergency could fill the ranks. If it’s that big an emergency? They will need skill with firearms. Yes. That is generally accepted to be quite unlikely. But it’s nice to know that option physically exists.

The bottom line? Less taxes out of your pockets.

CIA World Fact Book – CANADA

CIA World Fact Book – CANADA(explanation/definitions)

While it is a “CIA” compilation, the fact is the CIA is an Intelligence function of a nation other than Canada. The US is an ally to Canada. However there are nations that are not as friendly towards Canada. We have a vast wealth of resources and many nations today are actively pursuing resources. Some of the more well-armed foreign nations when examining other nations assess the military capabilities of other nations.

As you can see from the links. Citizens are assessed and factored into plans from a military perspective. You can bet your hiney that civilians that own firearms are accounted for. The more of them there are? The more of a deterrent exists against openly hostile actions.

When you think about reports like Sidewinder and that the anti-gun movement in Canada has support from outside Canada’s borders (such as IANSA and the UN)? A question should form in your mind.

Do Canadians really want excessive gun control when firearms have never really been a problem and have only “really become so” because people with interests outside our borders say so and the media has only trumpeted the issue because some “citizens” within Canada have identifiable connections to those from outside our borders?

From outside the box. Civilian firearms ownership (any type and class) is a net benefit to Canadians.

From outside the box. Civilian firearms ownership is a part of defense that the taxpayer spends ZERO tax dollars on.

From outside the box. Civilians firearms owners won’t bother other Canadians. But we do concern those outside our borders.

From outside the box. That’s a good thing for Canadians that choose not to own firearms or participate in the shooting sports.

You’re welcome.

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